Easy Steps to Get Vehicle Dealer License

Are you thinking to start a business in which you can earn huge profits? Buying and selling vehicles can benefit your large profits. For selling or buying cars or vehicles legally, you have to get car dealer license.  US Dealer Licensing can help to get dealer license easily and provides huge variety of opportunities to dealers in buying and selling vehicles and also help you to establish a new business.

Easy Steps to Get Vehicle Dealer License – US Dealer Licensing

Every state has different rules and requirements to get dealer license. You can get wholesale license, auto dealer license, used car dealer license or auto auctions license. There is no limit on selling cars per year, if you have auto dealer license otherwise there is limit on sell cars set by state where you live.

With car auctions license you can attend auctions, buy expensive used cars from there on low cost and then sell these cars to customers on high cost to get profit. Dealer license will help you to attend auctions that are only for dealers. There are some steps to follow to get car dealer license and get entry to business.

Choose Vehicle Dealership Type License

Every state has its specific requirements for get license and these requirements vary according to type of license you choose. Some common types of license are

New Vehicle Dealer License

Used Vehicle Dealer License

Wholesale Dealer License

As we already discuss in start, requirements for all of these licenses are different across each state. In some states there you need different license for different purposes and some states permit to use one license for all.

Fulfill All Requirements

When you know requirements and decided which license type you want to choose, then you have to take proper steps to satisfy them. Some of requirements you have to meet are

  • You have to attend some pre-licensing dealer trainings.
  • Meet zoning requirements.
  • Provide a permanent business location where you will start your business.
  • Obtain legal responsibility insurance.
  • You have to submit criminal record check to proof you have no criminal record in past or present.

Obtain Vehicle Dealer Bond

You will need your bond to submit application for your license. Car dealer bond will help your customers by ensuring that you are following rules set by your state. Make sure you get your bond from auto dealer bond expert to avoid any delays.

Easy Steps to Get Vehicle Dealer License – US Dealer Licensing (2)

Submit Application for Vehicle Dealer License

State’s DMV or license division will provide you applications and paperwork to fill out. Fill out all the paperwork and submit your application to DMV along with your auto dealer license bond. While submitting your application, once double check all the information because errors will interrupt application approval time.

Receive Vehicle Dealer License

After submitting all the information to the license division, they will review your application and after meeting all requirements for vehicle dealer license, if application approved. They will send your license directly to you.

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